How to Improve Attic Ventilation

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling your home to your expected rate, you’ll automatically put the blame on the dirt buildup on your ducts or your malfunctioning system. Have you ever considered checking your attic? If not, you definitely need to do so. Attic ventilation can also affect the efficiency of your AC.. [Read more…]

3 Tips For Relieving Fall Allergies With Lone Star Comfortaire

Fall is one of the most anticipated times of the year in Plano, Texas and it’s such a frustration not having to enjoy the season due to allergies. It turns your outdoor pleasure into bothersome sneezing and itching curse. Good thing, Lone Star Comfortaire has these 3 tips ready to keep you free from fall. [Read more…]

Tips To Avoid HVAC Repair Scams

Since your HVAC system is one of the busiest systems in your home, you cannot prevent major and minor issues to arise. And repair can skyrocket your budget when you hire a dishonest and expensive service provider. To avoid this unfortunate experience, here are tips to get rid of repair scams for your next repair. [Read more…]

Top 5 Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problem

Since your HVAC system is in use at almost all times, you cannot prevent airflow problems to arise. Homeowners who don’t have any idea what causes airflow problems often feel surprised when they experience discomfort from their system just when they need it the most. Here we’ve outlined the 5 most common causes of HVAC. [Read more…]

6 Big Mistakes You’re Making with Your AC

Have you done things to your AC which you think would result to better performance but turned out to be the opposite? Below is a list of 5 most common mistakes you might be doing with your AC. Hiding Your AC No matter how big or small your unit is, you must not hide your. [Read more…]