Why Spring Is The Best Time To Purchase An AC Unit

Why Spring Is The Best Time To Purchase An AC Unit

Just like any other seasonal commodities and products, one of the most common questions asked by homeowners is “When is the right time to purchase an air conditioner?” Should it be during summer? Or winter? The ultimate key to getting the best fastest service along with the best price is to work against the market. Purchase a unit in the off-seasons- spring or fall.

Here are good reasons why spring is the best time to purchase an AC unit.

The Price

An air conditioning unit is a huge investment. Getting an AC unit set up during spring allows you to get the full benefits of manufacturer deals and promotions. Take note that it is just a limited offer. Take advantage of it.


Remember that the government renews the deadlines on rebates. Therefore, the sooner you file the paperwork, the sooner you will get the rebates. Bear in mind that the government has the freedom to choose to either remove or decrease the rebates. This is why you need to take advantage of it.

Beat the Rush

Most homeowners wait until the last minute to purchase an AC unit and call for installation. Why don’t you purchase an AC unit when the weather is not too cold or too hot? HVAC companies during this season are not busy with requests and calls. Remember that when you purchase during warmer months, chances are you could be stuck waiting since everyone is very busy. Buying early is one great to avoid getting stuck dealing with the heat.

Now that you know the right time to purchase an AC unit, here are some of the most important things you want to be educated on. This way, you can give your contractor a much better idea what you are actually searching for.

  • The brand of AC unit you should choose
  • The size of air conditioner that is right for the size of your house
  • The cost of AC installation
  • Special features
  • Is there a family member who is suffering from allergy or asthma?

Another tip:

Make your purchase during spring and schedule the unit’s installation at a later time- when the weather becomes ideal. Planning gives the installer you choose to make some custom recommendations for your needs and your home with lesser chances of mistakes being made when the project is done.

By knowing the right time when to purchase an AC unit, you can definitely save big and best of all, gain time and reduce the chances of making unwise decisions. Time is a welcomed asset when it comes to the major projects in your home. Every home is different. But with expert advice, you can pick a more efficient system that suits your home and provides great comfort you are aiming for. You deserve to live in a more comfortable home. You can only achieve this if you are able to find the right AC unit for your home. Your first step in this journey is to know the best time when to purchase an AC unit.