Is Your HVAC Prepared for Power Outages?

Is your HVAC prepared for Power Outages?

Nothing is worse than experiencing a power outage knowing that it can cause damage to the delicate components of the HVAC system. It can also destroy the electronic controls of the system and sometimes can cause problems to the circuit breaker.

After you decide to have an AC installation in Plano, the next thing to do is to protect your HVAC system most especially during power outage. This way, you will not only prevent expensive repairs, but also prolong the lifespan of the unit.

Follow these tips to protect your HVAC system any time a power outage strikes.

Always pay attention to the weather.

Mobile apps are now available for people to use to set alerts, which will help them know about the upcoming severe weather. These mobile apps can definitely help you become ready for the bad weather. You can ask the nearest air conditioning company in Plano about the latest devices that can provide you with reliable forecast for several days.

Install a whole-home surge protector.

Surge protectors function by sending electricity volts into the components of the HVAC system. Just think of them as buffers responsible for creating barriers right between the air conditioner or furnace and the power surge. Whole-home models protect not only the components of the HVAC system, but also the other electronics and appliances in your home.

Turn off your HVAC system.

If you know that a power outage will happen, turn off your HVAC system. Once you disable the power to the HVAC system, you can surely prevent not only power surges from causing damages, but also costly AC repair in McKinney, Texas as well. Even though you cannot predict every potential power outage, protecting your HVAC while you still can is always a wise move.

Purchase thermostat with time delay.

Some of the most advanced thermostats have their built-in time delay function. Most of them register power. They also prevent surge from damaging the HVAC system most especially when the power is restored. These thermostats force the system to wait for a span of time right before they turn on. This way, some other home’s elements that mainly consume power will surely come on when the power is already restored. HVAC system on the other hand will wait for several minutes in order to reduce the surge’s potential.

Many of us overlook our HVAC system at home when we think of our home appliances. HVAC system is both costly and valuable investment. This is why AC repair in Rockwall should always be considered if you want to take advantage of what your HVAC system has to offer. You must take all the precautionary measures to protect this equipment especially when there is a power outage.

Since many companies offer HVAC services, you can be sure that your HVAC system works well and serves its expected lifespan. Moreover, you have nothing to worry about power outage because there are companies that provide 24-hour emergency services. However, be sure to pick out the right HVAC company.